Internships abroad

Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

The Gardeniser Pro pathway includes for 8 Gardeniser Trainees, selected among the participants in the local training courses, the opportunity to do a 1-week internship abroad working in an urban garden of another European country and side-by-side with a local Gardeniser. The remaining participants have the opportunity of doing a work-based experience for 1 week in a local urban garden.

These opportunities are part of the Gardeniser training pathway and the time is used to develop knowledge, competencies, and skills which will be gained by the Gardenisers during the local professional training programme and can then be put into practice.

The mobility abroad is an important part of the experimentation of Gardeniser Pro and can contribute to the internationalisation of the gardenisers’ competencies and to the creation of a professional figure that is really European, able to move, both geographically and from a field/context to another, also thanks to the validation and recognition of the learnings achievements ensured by the use of the ECVET credit system.

The internships are organised by the project partners in the following European countries: Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Greece.

The 8 selected Gardeniser Trainees from each country can participate in this mobility experience going in groups of two people in each of the other countries of the consortium.