Gardeniser license

Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

The Gardeniser Licence is a standardised document registering and recognising a certain level of competencies and abilities in the specific fields of action of the new professional figure developed by the project. The aim of the Licence is to pave the way to the recognition of this new professional figure in the regional and national teaching and training systems, thus facilitating the employability of those who gained it.

The Licence can be attained by those Gardeniser Trainees who take part in the Gardeniser Pro pathway, which includes a training course and a 1-week learning or work-based experience abroad or at a local level.

The organisations (public or private bodies) that wants to implement at a local level the Gardeniser Pro pathway (training + learning or work-based experience) can ask for an account on the e-platform developed by the project that allows them to access a dedicated section where it is possible to specify the characteristics of the pathway proposed (hours and number of modules covered by training, hours of internship etc.) necessary to generate and issue the Licence and the relative ECVET credits. In this way, different countries across Europe can implement a training pathway that is standardised in its structure. The Gardeniser Licence also remains standardised and the ECVET system allows its recognition and adaptation in the national professional and educational systems.

The Licence is designed so that the learning achievements, gained in the various fields (formal, non-formal, and informal), can be transparent and so that local experience in the urban gardens, mobility abroad, as well as qualifications complementary to the one obtained through Gardeniser Pro, can be validated and valorised