Observ-Action: echoes from the ATELIERS in Spain

Maggio 25, 1:00 pm

After the last meeting in Rome, where it took place the Training Course for facilitators, Exuli ‘s Partner EPFCL-FOE Barcelona has intensified the work of organization and preparation of ateliers. So, we’ve contacted facilitators who have substantial experience working with young people using the media that will hold each atelier. As a reminder we will point out that these media are tools to facilitate participants to give account for some of their migratory experience and subjective implications that it may have.

Thus, the facilitators with whom we have reached a commitment agreement are:

- Atelier Images: Rosa Barquero, facilitator in art therapy with long experience with young inmates as well as with infants and adolescents in school contexts. The work will be done using different materials and techniques. https://artterapia.org/about/

- Atelier Sounds: Xavier Guinart, a long experienced facilitator in music therapy. He has worked with inmates and young migrants. The work will be done using drum circles as a tool. http://www.guinart.net/

- Atelier Playing: Magalí Permanyer and Rocío Manzano, who have been facilitators for a long time, will advise/guide this atelier. They are founding members of Cooperativa Nus -Social and Creative Projects. The members of this cooperative work using tools of the Theater of the Oppressed to work on topics such as gender, bullying, conflict management, etc. with young people in diverse contexts (school, non-formal education environments) http://www.nus.coop/

- Atelier Words: Marta Creus and Albert Berna, psychologist and social educator respectively. They have experience working with young people of diverse origins.


Ateliers will be carried out within the framework of two institutions.

  • “Open Center” (Centre Obert) managed by Caritas Barcelona. The purpose of this kind of center is “to serve children and young people in situations of poverty and social exclusion, aiming to improve their opportunities and living conditions. Social educators, monitors and volunteers try to guarantee their personal and educational development, organizing daily activities and offering personalized attention " https://caritas.barcelona/es/familia-e-infancia/centros-abiertos/
  • Actua cooperative, located in the Penedés region, an organization formed by professionals in the socioeducational field. It develops residential care projects addressed to infants and young people under the care of the Government, labor insertion/integration projects with young people with social difficulties and promotion of socio-educational spaces to improve coexistence and prevent risk situations. Regarding to the Exuli project, ateliers will be carried out in a CAI: project of First Reception and Integral Attention that offers a residential service and integral assistance to foreign minors recently arrived in Catalonia and without family references (MENAS) http://actua.coop/work/projectes-centre-atencio-integral-cai/


In both cases, we have carefully studied how to implement ateliers, both methodological and practical level. So, all necessary details have been specified in terms of which professionals will intervene, suitable location to hold the sessions, participant’s profile and schedule.

The development of the Observ-Action phase of the Exuli project in the context of Spain will take place between the months of April and June 2019.