Youth policies


GRASS ROOTS VOICES aims to create a space for discussion and opportunities to exchange and build future collaborations on the theme of youth inclusion (educational, social, cultural) between young people, youth workers, associations and policy makers, at local and national level.


E-STAR: E-Learning for Standing Together Against Racism is a project that tackles the topic of racism, in particular that of invisible racism, aiming to provide youth workers with new knowledge and tools useful to foster awareness and learning among young people, fighting discrimination and valuing diversity.

On Live

The project aims to create an original method of working on the theme of cyberbullying, which offers the possibility of stimulating reflection and awareness of the phenomenon among young people. The project also aims to involve and train school students to play a role as peer educators on the subject, through the facilitating tool of comics. Resources and tools for non-formal education that will be made available to schools and their teachers to prevent and combat cyberbullying even where it is latent and not obvious.