Project co-financed by Erasmus+ VET learning mobility


The SociABILITY project is an Erasmus+ KA1 VET project and is aimed at 150 new graduates from schools that are members of the IPSSS DE AMICIS consortium, IISS VIA ASMARA 28 (Villa Paganini), IISS PIAGET-DIAZ, IIS CROCE-ALERAMO, IPS MAFFEO PANTALEONI who have obtained a diploma in social and health services, allowing them to take advantage of an international internship experience as a form of further qualification of their professional skills, which promotes the formal recognition within the social and educational policies in Italy, thus increasing their employability. 

The project foresees the insertion in different structures that deal with socio-cultural animation, training, social and educational services for minors, adolescents, young people, migrants, disabled people, disadvantaged people, women in difficulty, adults, elderly people. Attendees will be able to experiment and improve skills and knowledge related to the following professional figures:

  • Educator
  • Sociocultural entertainer
  • Youth worker
  • Sports Educator
  • Recreational center worker
  • Social worker


Internships abroad

The departures of new graduates are scheduled between March 2018 and September 2019. Before each mobility, a pre-departure training course is held. The mobility abroad has a duration of 30 days. The international destination countries are: Portugal, Spain, France, Romania, Poland, Malta and the United Kingdom.

Why participate in SociABILITY...

  • Develop new technical and professional skills in the field of socio-cultural animation, social and educational services
  • Integrating training into education through an on-the-job experience
  • To favour the comparison between one's own local reality and that of other countries in the field of social services, socio-cultural animation and education
  • Experiment with methodologies and tools for socio-cultural animation employed in other EU countries
  • Develop language and intercultural competences
  • Developing transversal skills of particular importance in the field covered by this proposal, such as teamwork, autonomy, adaptation and all the soft skills needed to enter an increasingly demanding labour market with regard to the adaptability of workers
  • Developing self-employment skills
  • Internships available in different flows