Project cofinanced by the Erasmus+ Programme Adult Education KA2 Cooperation Partnerships


The Gardeniser Academy project promotes new training opportunities in the field of urban community gardens


Gardeniser story began more than 10 years ago, with visits between community gardens in different countries through the Lifelong Learning - Grundtvig programme. A key figure emerged through these exchanges: the community gardener who no longer had time to cultivate plants because they were too busy cultivating people. This was the Gardeniser (garden+organiser). Recognising the complex coordination and mediation skills at the heart of this role, two EU projects were initiated to support its development. One was an LLP-Transfer of Innovation project. The second, an Erasmus+ KA2 VET project providing a professional framework on a European scale, was Gardeniser Pro. Gardeniser Pro comprises a structured training course with well-defined objectives mapped to the ECVET credit system, as well as the Gardeniser Licence. This process contributes to the recognition of the Gardeniser, even in countries where it is not yet seen as a profession. Through Gardeniser HUB (Erasmus+ KA2 ADU), a training format for gardeniser trainers and two training formats for technicians of institutions and schools who want to work with or create community gardens in their territories were developed.


  • Encouraging the growth of community gardens in the diversity of contexts in which they develop throughout Europe and the world
  • Training adults active in community gardens and reaching a new generation of people who see community gardens as a resource
  • Raising awareness and putting in value good practices that enrich the community impacts of urban gardens


The project aims to develop 3 main actions:

Learning mobilities and collection of good practices

A collection of good practices for community urban gardens from various European countries will be developed following local preparatory courses and learning mobilities in France, Spain, Italy and Austria.

Development of e-learning pathways

E-learning pathways for citizens interested in the development of educational gardens, intercultural gardens, neighbourhood citizen gardens.

Development of the website for project exploitation

A website will give access to good practices and e-learning tools developed by Gardeniser Academy.


The international consortium of partners is formed by organisations with experience in the field of training, participated processes and urban community gardens: CLAB (Francia), Pistes-Solidaires (France), Gartenpolylog (Austria), Replay Network aps (Italy), On Projects Advising SL (Spain).


24 months, between 01st of October 2023 and 30th of September 2025.