FOCUS YOUTH WORK is a democratic participation project n. 2022-1-IT03-KA154-YOU-000070659


Focus Youth Work is a nationwide Erasmus+ K154 project that tackles the recognition of the function of the youth worker and the innovation and quality of youth work through actions and initiatives based on youth participation and the reflection on local and national policies.


Focus Youth Work aims to:


  • enact the promotion and recognition of the youth worker function in Italy through structured dialogue activities
  • identify, map and design policies and practices on youth work on a national scale based on the active participation of young people
  • create a sharing space between youth workers from different regions, experts in the field, and policy makers with the aim of strengthening existing communities and collaborating with them
  • promote the theme of youth work in a reciprocal context in the Italian scene by sourcing from the various European experiences and focusing on the European Strategy and its impact
  • contribute to the creation and sharing of innovative, digital and quality tools for the enhancement of youth work and its related actions on the national territory
  • embrace the principles of the Erasmus+ Program and project its benefits to other youth workers and young people in Italy


YOUTH WORKERS on a local, regional and national scale

YOUNG PEOPLE between 18 and 30 years old

POLICY MAKERS on a local, regional and national scale



Youth participation mobilities on a national scale involving young people in the evaluation and growth system of youth work:

Mobility 1. National Meeting Piemonte (Biella)

Mobility 2. National Meeting Sardegna (Cagliari)

Mobility 3. National Meeting Calabria (Reggio Calabria)

Mobility 4. National Meeting Lazio (Roma)

Consulting on a local, regional, national and European scale:

Fase 1. Consulting on a national scale

Fase 2. Consulting on a European scale

Youth participation events: strands for developing debate and dialogue with local stakeholders:

Youth Work Agorà 1. Empowering, Connecting, Mobilizing

Youth Work Agorà 2. The future of youth work in Italy 


Mapping of youth work on a regional and national scale based on 4 categories (quality, innovation, recognition and digital)

Collective proposal on the competences of the professional figure of the youth worker in Italy

National and European consultations for mapping and defining the recognition of youth work

Catalogue and collection of local and regional experiences and good practices in Italy


The project involves non-profit organisations active in 7 Italian regions:

Calabria EuroDemos Youth Mobility NGO (Project coordinator)

Piemonte Associazione Il Vergante

Sardegna Assonur

Lazio Replay Network aps

Campania Arciragazzi Portici

Lombardia Fondazione Istituto Morcelliano

Puglia TouPlay


24 months, between 30th of June 2022 and 29th of June 2024.


on a regional and national scale based on 4 categories (quality, innovation, recognition and digital)

on a local and regional scale in Italy