Active Youth in Sustainable Community Development is a project for democratic participation KA 154 YOU


The project ACT.Y.S. - Active Youth in Sustainable Community Development aims to involve young people with fewer opportunities and young leaders who are members of associations, in an empowerment process aimed at training them as young community managers aware of the importance of sustainability in all its forms (environmental, social, economic) in community development processes.


The action will be developed in and around the spaces and the common goods present in the territories of the young people, re-imagining them in terms of space and functionality. The process shall start precisely from the spaces as places of encounter and growth of the communities to which the youngsters belong, where the young protagonists of the action become dreamers, designers and builders of their cities. The active participation of young people is central, as will be the impact and involvement of the people living around the identified areas. Since the actions are carried out in different territories, the meetings will play a fundamental role in comparing best practices and building a network that spreads throughout the Italian peninsula.


ACT.Y.S. aims to:


  • activate a process of empowerment of young participants by training them as community managers sensitive to environmental, social and economic sustainability issues
  • activate dialogue and decision-making processes on the territory, involving young people, youth workers, the third sector and political decision-makers
  • share good practices and virtuous experiences of youth inclusion


YOUNG PEOPLE between 14 and 25 years old


A0. Regional workshops 

The first initiative of the project envisages a local activity of general presentation of the project, a first collective mapping of the common goods and study of the spaces of the territory, and a second mapping of the bodies and associations in the territories with an analysis of needs. It envisages local meetings in the territories of each partner (Verbania, Campo nell'Elba, Rome, Reggio Calabria) with a group of 10 participants per organisation accompanied by a youth worker.

A1. Workshop on the sustainable development of communities (1° edition. Isola d'Elba)

The second project initiative includes a mobility for 30 project participants to Rio Marina on the island of Elba. They will meet to: discuss the results of the A0 action, to do an in-depth study on forms of sustainability and an in-depth study in community management. The core of the action is the involvement of the participants in the workshop on planning and will be based on the methodology of non-formal education.

A2. Ecobuilding workshop (Verbania)

The third project initiative includes a second mobility for project participants, in Verbania, where the main focus is on training in transitional forms of urbanism through practical sessions of ecological construction.

A3. IMP-ACTYS fest (1° edition. Verbania)

Festival di promozione e presentazione delle tematiche e della prima fase di progetto con la comunità e gli amministratori locali. Festival to promote and present the project themes and results of the first phase to the community and local administrators.

A4. Workshop sullo on the sustainable development of communities (2° edition. Reggio Calabria)

The last mobility proposed by the project where participants will be involved in participatory co-planning tables for the definition of sustainable community development strategies to be shared with local institutions.

A5. IMP-ACTYS fest (2° edition. Reggio Calabria)

Second edition of the Festival to promote and present the project themes and results of the project to the community and local administrators.


The project involves non-profit organisations from 3 Italian regions:

Arona (NO), Piemonte: VEDOGIOVANE COOPERATIVA SOCIALE (Project coordinator)

Verbania (VB), Piemonte: 21 MARZO APS


Reggio Calabria (RC), Calabria: APICE Agenzia di Promozione Integrata per i Cittadini in Europa

Roma (RM), Lazio: Replay Network aps


24 months, between 1st of January 2023 and 31st of Dicember 2024.