The project aims to strengthen the multi-level governance of the city of Barranquilla (Colombia) and reduce the levels of poverty and food insecurity of the most vulnerable communities (especially migrants), contributing in the long run to promote the inclusion and sustainability of urban development in the city of Barranquilla in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Global Green Deal.


LEARNING BUBBLES is an experimentation of collaboration between very different worlds: school, community urban gardens and the digital world. A proposal that seeks to combine the beauty of the natural environment, technological innovation and tradition to promote the well-being of its local communities.


The DigiVET Project addresses the current challenges of the VET sector emerged from the transition to the digital era and the impact of COVID-19 in the provision of VET for both trainers and trainees.


COMMUNITY MAKERS proposes integrated interventions that enhance lifelong learning and the culture of volunteering, through the involvement of other realities of the reference territory such as urban gardens, associations and social cooperatives, working in a network, with the macro objective of activating a good practice self-sustainable over time, for the benefit of individuals and the community as a whole.


RISE IN QUALITY is a project that aims to increase the quality in the field of learning mobility and the ability of organizations to support young participants involved in international volunteering projects through the development of innovative tools.


Gardeniser PLUS is an Erasmus+ Exchange of good practices project for professionals and volunteers who wish to develop their competences and discover existing practices in the reality of urban community gardens in Europe.


E-STAR: E-Learning for Standing Together Against Racism is a project that tackles the topic of racism, in particular that of invisible racism, aiming to provide youth workers with new knowledge and tools useful to foster awareness and learning among young people, fighting discrimination and valuing diversity.