Project co-financed by Erasmus+ Youth, Key Action 2 Strategic Innovation Partnerships


RISE IN QUALITY is a project that aims to increase the quality in the field of learning mobility and the ability of organizations to support young participants involved in international volunteering projects through the development of innovative tools.


Coordinating and supporting young people involved in international mobility requires a variety of knowledge, skills and resources. The changing reality that non-profit organizations have to face and the limited resources they can rely on are not always compatible with the expectations and speed of reaction necessary to manage learning paths involving international volunteers. It is for this reason that the project RISE IN QUALITY aims to develop tools that can strengthen the management capacity of volunteers, capitalizing on the more than ten-year experience the four Rise in Quality partner organizations have in coordinating and supporting international volunteering projects.


The project is aimed at youth workers and organizations involved in learning activities through international mobility, in particular international volunteering projects.

The project will develop a guide dedicated to the coordination and support of international volunteers, with a special focus on crisis management.

The project will develop an online on arrival induction training programme for volunteers.


RISE IN QUALITY has several general and specific objectives:


  • Support the capacity of youth workers and organizations in the field of international mobility.
  • Promote innovative practices in working with international volunteers.
  • Increase the quality of work in the field of international mobility.
  • Promote active citizenship, volunteering and solidarity.



  • Organize 2 training courses in which 8-16 youth workers will participate, 2 from each partner country who will exchange good practices, learning tools, approaches and methodologies useful for coordination work and the reception of international volunteers. The courses will contribute to the construction of the intellectual products of the project.
  • Develop 2 intellectual products: a guide on coordinating and supporting international volunteers and an online on arrival induction training course.
  • Promote international mobility and make intellectual products accessible through dissemination activities.


The international consortium of partners is formed by organisations with a large experience in the field of learning mobility, in sending, hosting, training and supporting international volunteers: IKS (Croatia), REPLAY Network (Italy), MUNDUS (Spain), Pistes-Solidaires (France).


17 Months