REPLAY Network is a social promotion association composed of internationally active educators and trainers within many of the European Programmes dealing with non-formal education, learning through mobility and active citizenship. 

REPLAY Network designs, organises and develops different types of training and educational activities aimed at trainers, young people and adults, organisations, etc., using non-formal learning and international mobility, in order to contribute to the personal and professional growth of individuals in a lifelong learning perspective. It promotes initiatives with the aim of bringing citizens closer to Europe and bringing Europe into the daily lives of citizens. 


The mission of the association is to promote social cohesion, responsible participation, active citizenship, inclusion and equal opportunities, promote employability and active ageing, cooperation and multiculturalism, through the creation of conditions that contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Europe 2030 strategy for the growth of a smart, sustainable and inclusive society.

Priority areas of action

  • Learning mobility
  • Training
  • School
  • Adult Education
  • Vocational training (VET)
  • Education Services
  • Youth Policies
  • Employability
  • Active Citizenship
  • Project Consulting and Assessment

Thematic networks

Replay Network is member of the European federation LE.MO.N. (LEarning MObility Network) composed of 14 European organisations active in the field of learning through international mobility.