Youth center LINKIOSTRO

The Center for Socialization, Integration and School support "LINKIOSTRO", in the neighbourhood of San Paolo, is a reference point and a space for young people in the area, where they can meet, socialize, plan, co-organize and implement initiatives and events. It acts as a resource for the growth of young people who attend it, through the construction of positive and emotionally significant relationships, based on listening and cooperation, and aims to encourage within the adolescents and their families an attitude of acceptance of their own and others' diversity and originality. The activities that will be developed will take into account the complexity of needs and desires of the youngsters who will be supported and accompanied to recognize and cultivate their potential.

This service is carried out for the Municipality of Rome VIII, thanks to the funding of the law 285/97 on childhood and adolescence and is realized by Replay Network aps e CEMEA del Mezzogiorno onlus.

It wants to collaborate with the realities already existing in the area to network and improve the quality of services to be offered to youngsters aged 11 to 18 years.

The center is opened from Monday to Friday.


  • Intercultural activities
  • Group games
  • Creative workshops
  • Multimedia laboratory: photography
  • School support
  • Listening point
  • Orientation and mediation service to families
  • National Civil Service
  • University internships
  • International youth exchanges, through the European programme Erasmus+
  • European volunteering, through the programme European Solidarity Corps