Project co-financed by Erasmus+ Structured Dialogue, Key Action 3


GRASS ROOTS VOICES aims to create a space for discussion and opportunities to exchange and build future collaborations on the theme of youth inclusion (educational, social, cultural) between young people, youth workers, associations and policy makers, at local and national level.


The idea stems from the desire to create new participatory spaces for dialogue between young people, third sector actors and local administrations on educational and social inclusion practices for young people in vulnerable situations (community, social, economic, digital, family). The social situation of crisis and youth fragility has highlighted the need to create new strategic alliances in the communities to offer opportunities for growth, stability and guidance to young people in greater difficulty. The situations of fragility that we observe in the territories are different and cannot be summarized in the social categories of the period preceding the lockdown. According to the OECD report "Youth and COVID-19: Response, Recovery and Resilience", based on surveys conducted among 90 associations in 48 countries, the pandemic will have consequences on education, job search, mental health and liquidity of the youngest, both in the short and long term.


The project intends to enhance and systematize consolidated practices of positive inclusion experimented in the territories in consultation between young people, the third sector and local institutions and to favor their transferability. Young people, who are at the center of this crisis but who are neither visible nor listened to, become protagonists, in the project, of dialogue and bearers of knowledge and their vision of the future towards the other actors of the civil society.


Grass Roots Voices aims to:


  • activate dialogue and decision-making processes on the territory, involving young people, youth workers, NGOs and policy makers
  • share good practices and virtuous experiences of youth inclusion
  • increase the recognition of youth work as an activator of inclusion processes at community and institutional levels


YOUNGSTERS between 17 and 24 years old



Young people will be able to develop and test their personal opinion on the issues of social, cultural and educational inclusion. They will also develop a greater sense of responsibility for their community and how they can be agents of possible change.

The project also aims to inform about the learning and mobility opportunities offered by the European Union and to raise the awareness of participants on Youth Goals, on the 2030 strategies and priorities formulated by the EU and the Council of Europe.

The structured dialogue path also aims to broaden the awareness of policy makers regarding the point of view, expectations and needs of young people and youth workers that could positively influence the definition of new priorities and interventions.


Action 1: REGIONAL EVENTS - PartecipiAMO

They will take place in each of the 6 Italian regions involved, in: Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Tuscany, Lazio and Campania.

In Rome, 10 young people and youth workers will exchange about the regional situation regarding educational, social and cultural inclusion. The event will last 2 days and will be supported by an expert in youth policies and inclusion practices. The group will define questions to be investigated at national level on the areas of work in terms of inclusion, to be explored together with other regional groups.

Action 2 & 3: 2 NATIONAL EVENTS - ScopriAMO

in Portici, CAMPANIA

in Rome, LAZIO

Each event will last 2 days (plus 1 travel day), during which participants will deepen knowledge and will exchange on inclusion practices and strategies, visiting different organisations and projects.

Lazio region will be represented at national events by: 10 YOUNGSTERS and YOUTH WORKERS.


They will take place in each of the 6 Italian regions involved, in: Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Tuscany, Lazio and Campania.

In Rome,10 young people and youth workers will meet for the restitution activities during which they will have time to meet and finalize the work to a document that will contain a series of GUIDELINES, as final result of the project.

A moment of debate and public presentation will also be organized with stakeholders and representatives of local institutions.


The project involves non-profit organizations active in 6 Italian regions:

Piedmont: I-DARE Italy (Project Coordinator)

Lombardy: Associazione VENTO DI TERRA ONG

Veneto: Consorzio Sol.Co. Verona

Tuscany: Associazione RE.DU Rete Educare ai Diritti Umani

Lazio: Replay Network aps

Campania: ARCIRAGAZZI PORTICI "Utopia Attanasio"


24 months, between 1st of January 2021 and the 31st of December 2022.


for the promotion of a fair inclusion path based on a vision of young people for young people, useful for third sector organizations and local institutions in the promotion and experimentation of new youth inclusion projects