Project co-financed by Erasmus+ Adult Education, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnership for Innovation


Gardeniser Hub will create new training opportunities for Gardenisers, in particular within schools and the public sector, and for Gardeniser Trainers.

The Gardeniser Hub program will establish a professional qualification for the trainers of Gardeniser Pro training course and also engage with and support public and school sector employees by creating dedicated training to their needs. The aim of Gardeniser Hub is to create and test an innovative European training programme promoting the development of a new professional role – the Gardeniser Trainer and the Gardeniser within schools and public sector. It will strengthen knowledge, skills and competencies of the people undertaking the training, testing the evaluation of their learning achievements through the ECVET system, with the objective of paving the way for their recognition in the educational and professional training systems. This will be both at a regional and national level and by enhancing their learning. It will finally lead to a larger pool of Gardeniser trainers who will up-skill and gain the ability to deliver Gardeniser training to others.


Gardeniser Hub story began more than 10 years ago, with visits between community gardens in different countries through the Lifelong Learning - Grundtvig programme. A key figure emerged through these exchanges: the community gardener who no longer had time to cultivate plants because they were too busy cultivating people. This was the Gardeniser (garden+organiser). Recognising the complex coordination and mediation skills at the heart of this role, two EU projects were initiated to support its development. One was an LLP-Transfer of Innovation project. The second, an Erasmus+ KA2 VET project providing a professional framework on a European scale, was Gardeniser Pro. Gardeniser Pro comprises a structured training course with well-defined objectives mapped to the ECVET credit system, as well as the Gardeniser Licence. This process contributes to the recognition of the Gardeniser, even in countries where it is not yet seen as a profession.


  • Increase the pool of skilled trainers able to deliver the Gardeniser course
  • Create and deliver new formats of training to support the public sector and schools who want to work with or create urban/community gardens and farms in their areas
  • Use the platform to connect trainers in Europe, Gardenisers from the public sector and schools and help people find Gardeniser Hub training courses


The project intends to develop 5 INTELLECTUAL OUTPUTS and 3 TRAINING PROGRAMMES as follows:

I.O.1 European Format for Gardeniser Train the Trainers course

A learning curriculum that identifies the main skills and areas of competences a trainer of Gardenisers has to cover, independently of the studies and professional background they are coming from. The IO1 will contain a toolkit with all the recommended training activities and learning areas that the train-the-trainer course will deliver.

I.O.2 Gardeniser trainer’s licence

An online interactive resource, complementary to IO1, using the ECVET framework and identifying the level of learning to be reached to obtain the licence for Gardeniser trainers.

I.O.3 Professional Training course for Gardeniser trainers with ECVET validation

Aspirant Gardeniser trainers in each partner country undertake the Gardeniser train-the-trainer course. The aspirant Gardeniser trainers will gain a good knowledge of training techniques as well as how to run the Gardeniser Pro course. Once the classroom work will have been completed, the aspirant trainers will be asked to take part in additional hours of practical training within an existing Gardeniser training course in their own country or abroad.

I.O.4 Enhanced Professional Gardeniser training for the Public Sector and School staff

Gardeniser Hub will develop and deliver a new, revised version of the Gardeniser course aimed specifically at staff that work for public services and school staff who are interested in developing and creating new urban/community gardens in their municipalities, local areas, schools or regions. This could include municipalities and local governments who want to engage with their communities around creating a more resilient city. For schools this could include schools with unused land they wish to make available for urban/community growing or farm projects or who have already started this type of project but want to train their staff to use it more effectively.

I.O.5 Enhanced online Gardeniser platform

The platform is designed to support the networking and sharing of information among those who have undergone the Gardeniser training. The platform will be improved as a tool to network with a wide variety of community/urban gardens and farms across Europe as well as public sector and education workers and for anyone who has gained the Gardeniser license either as a Gardeniser, Gardeniser Trainer or using the enhanced public sector and school’s format. The platform will also be a public space to find more information about community/urban gardens and farms and where relevant training is being offered.


The international consortium of partners is formed by organisations with experience in the field of training, participated processes and urban community gardens and city farms. They are: Social Farms & Gardens (United Kingdom), Replay Network aps (Italy), Pistes-Solidaires (France), European Federation of City Farms (Belgium).


30 Months, between 01 December 2020 and 31 June 2023.