Project co-financed by the Programme Erasmus+ Key Action 3 - Youth Dialogue


DiaLOG in Youth Work is a Youth Dialogue project on the social, economic and political recognition of Youth Work, the figure of the Youth Worker and non-formal education in Italy.


Youth Work has been practiced in Italy for decades but its regulatory definition suffers from a vacuum that prevents the entire sector and professionals working there from obtaining that recognition, social, economic and political, which allows the establishment of a guaranteed standard of quality, a clear professionalising path and an implementation strategy fully inserted in the framework of youth policies in Italy.


The project aims to involve YOUTH, YOUTH WORKERS, TERRITORIAL DECISION MAKERS and EXPERTS through 8 structured dialogue events with the involvement of 30 participants per region, 15 young people and 15 youth workers, at least 1 Decision Maker and 1 Expert and 2 local partner organizations.

For each territorial area, the participation of young people and youth workers from peripheral, rural, internal or disadvantaged areas will be ensured, where local youth work is more than ever necessary to prevent phenomena of exclusion, marginalization, deviance, violence, educational dispersion and so on. The balanced participation of young people who have had / have never had previous experience of non-formal education, in Italy or abroad, will also be ensured.


DiaLOG IN Youth Work has different general and specific objectives:


  • support the active involvement of civil society networks and non-governmental organizations in the implementation of policies related to the political, economic and social recognition of Youth Work
  • support dialogue mechanisms with young people and encourage their active participation in democratic life in order to contribute to the recognition of the figure of the Youth Worker



  • support the recognition process of Youth Work in Italy and the relative need for an integrated public policy in this regard, starting from the long tradition already consolidated in the field of youth animation
  • support the processes of recognition of the figure of the Youth Worker in Italy, in line with the current European recommendations
  • contribute to the recognition of the validity of non-formal education in the educational process of young people and as a fundamental educational methodology in Youth Work


The project is structured in 5 PHASES and 2 Flows of activities:

Phase 1. Project launch and preparation for territorial dialogues

During this phase the Project Partners will proceed to pre-select the participants for the Territorial Dialogue events and to offer them the right preparation with the support of the Experts.

Phase 2. Territorial dialogues

7 Consultation events with young people and youth workers at regional level, in Sicily, Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Lazio, Tuscany, Piedmont. Each event will last two days and will be managed by local partner organizations and coordinated by Giosef. For each territorial consultation, the 2 promoting youth organizations (one of which from the Giosef Italy network) will involve young people, youth workers and youth organizations in the region, to participate in the Territorial Dialogue with the identified decision-maker.

Phase 3. Preparation for the National Dialogue

During this phase Giosef Italy will prepare, together with the Experts, the delegates of the groups involved at the local level and will arrange all the logistics and communication in order to make the event known and participated.

Phase 4. National Dialogue

A two-day national youth dialogue event to be held in Rome, with the participation of 2 youth workers and 2 young delegates from each of the territorial areas previously involved, the Experts, the representation of the Ministry of Youth in Italy and representatives of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe, the Eu-CoE Youth Partnership and Salto Training and Cooperation.

Phase 5. Dissemination and Follow-up

This phase provides for the monitoring of the transposition by the local decision makers of the Recommendations produced within the Territorial Dialogue events and the monitoring of the transposition by the national decision makers of the National Recommendation. Furthermore, during this phase, an extensive dissemination of the project results will be implemented and consultations will be undertaken between partners, Experts and participants regarding the possibility of undertaking the development of a follow-up project on the topic at international level.


  • Daniele Morciano (Puglia)
  • Federica Demicheli (Piedmont)
  • Maurizio Merico (Campania)
  • Miguel Belletti (Piedmont)
  • Paul Kloosterman (Calabria)
  • Ramon Magi (Lazio)
  • Salvi Greco (Puglia)
  • Silvia Volpi (Tuscany)
  • Simona Molari (Piedmont)


  • Regione Campania
  • Comune di Torino
  • Città Metropolitana di Reggio Calabria
  • Comune di Gela
  • Comune di Sesto Fiorentino
  • Comune di Signa
  • Comune di Campi Bisenzio
  • ANCI Lazio


The consortium of partners is made of 15 associations from 7 Italian regions.

  • 1. Giovani Senza Frontiere – Giosef Italy (Project coordinator)
  • 2. Agenzia di Promozione Integrata per i Cittadini in Europa APICE
  • 3. Arciragazzi Portici "Utopia Attanasio"
  • 4. Associazione Connecting Europe
  • 5. Associazione DuePunti
  • 6. Associazione Rete Educare ai Diritti Umani REDU
  • 7. Associazione Regionale Comuni Italiani Lazio
  • 8. CESIE
  • 9. CET Platform ITALY
  • 10. Giosef Enna
  • 11. Giosef Torino - Marti Gianello Guida A.P.S.
  • 12. I-Dare Italy
  • 13. Insight - education project design
  • 14. REPLAY Network
  • 15. YouthMed


19 Months, between 30 September 2020 and 30 April 2022.


  • Available from November 2021
  • Available from April 2022