My Story Map: all the intellectual outputs and resources produced by the project are available online!

My Story Map: the seventh international newsletter is online!

29 participants aged between 18 and 62 years old, coming from 13 countries of Asia, Africa and South America were involved in the local ARTEM courses in Rome

The evaluation meeting and international multiplier event of the My Story Map project took place in Zaragoza, Spain, from the 16th to the 18th of February 2020.

3rd international meeting has gathered the project partners on January 2020, in Sofia, Bulgaria

The eighth international newsletter of the Gardeniser Pro project is available.

An online story wall collects digital story-maps realized by youngsters taking part in the project in the 5 countries

My Story Map: the sixth international newsletter is online!

Now available on the MOOC focused on migrants empowerment, trauma & communicative expressione